Técnico a desinfestar uma casa

Disinfestation and pest control: understand the differences

Pests at home? Learn how to control and prevent infestations.

When faced infestations of cockroaches, rats, spiders or other unwanted company, Truly Nolen's professional services come into play.

Traditional insecticides and home remedies may not be enough to tackle an invasion of insects or rodents. But how do you know when to call the experts and prevent pests from returning?

Learn the distinction between disinfestation, pest control and disinfection to understand how and when you should call on these services.

Do you know the difference between pest control and disinfestations?

Whenever you need it, Truly Nolen offers pest control, disinfestation, and disinfection services.

Disinfestation is the process of exterminating animals such as cockroaches, rats, ants or termites, to name but a few. These animals are not only unsightly or dirty, but they are also a real nightmare for many people. They can also be potentially dangerous to human health by transmitting diseases and causing allergic reactions.

If you come across signs of infestation where you live or work, don't hesitate to contact us. 800 20 20 50.

Pest control is the set of preventive actions that prevents the appearance and proliferation of these species. We use different environmentally conscious materials and equipment, in order to prevent these animals from finding food, shelter and suitable conditions for their development.

Disinfection is the elimination of micro-organisms that can cause infectious diseases, such as the Coronavirus for example. This process involves the use of viricidal substances, capable of destroying the cell wall of these tiny elements. Viruses, bacteria and fungi can live on the surfaces that surround us. The disinfection service should be carried out with some frequency to avoid the risk of new contamination.

Disinfection service is often confused with disinfestation, but they are different procedures. Disinfection is carried out using cold fogging, whereas disinfestation uses insecticidal and rodenticidal products and materials.

Our disinfestation products are changed regularly, taking into account the seasonal adaptations of each species.

To prevent virus and bacterial infections, consider Truly Nolen's services.

How much does a disinfestation service cost

The cost of a disinfestation depends on several factors such as the total area to be disinfected, the type of pest, the degree of infestation and the number of interventions. Taking all these factors into consideration, our technicians carry out a free pre-inspection to assess the situation. Find out more about our disinfestation service price.

Infestations at home

Dwellings, offices, factories, schools, gyms, commercial establishments and other buildings can, at any time, be the preferred target of a rodent or insect pest.

There are several behaviors and factors that attract pests and contribute to their spread, such as humidity, heat, dirt, clutter or abundance of food.

Therefore, avoid leaving food open, clean the house regularly and cover gaps in doors and windows to prevent the entry of these unwanted visitors.

If your new home still has an infestation, find out how Truly Nolen can help. We want your home to be safe, healthy, comfortable and as sustainable a place as possible.