Técnico de controlo de pragas a eliminar baratas numa casa particular

This is one of the questions we receive the most daily. The truth is that the price of a pest control service varies greatly depending on several factors, so it is essential that there is a prior inspection of the place.

Free on-site inspection

Truly Nolen offers you a free, no-obligation inspection of the place where the pest exists. The objective is to understand which insect or rodent you are dealing with, what is the level of infestation and, in this way, we understand the best way to disinfest the place.

How the inspection is done

After calling us on 800 20 20 50, answering our questionnaire on the website or sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./, the service will be scheduled with a visit to your home. Our pest control technicians are highly experienced, so they will check all relevant areas of the space, analyzing possible entrances and exits, lack of insulation, cracks or holes and even hygiene conditions.

After that, you will receive your quote.

What influences the budget amount for disinfestation?

Area: First, it is important to realize the size of the space where the infestation is concentrated. The larger the facilities, greater the value.

Pest: The type of pest you are dealing with is another of the relevant factors when we are evaluating values ​​for the service. The cost for a rodent disinfestation will be different from the cost of a cockroach disinfestation for example. Different pests need different solutions.

Degree of Infestation: When we talk about a pest infestation, it is important to understand the exact dimension with which we are dealing. Are we facing a cockroach infestation concentrated only in the kitchen area? Or do we deal with a flea infestation all over the house? This will obviously influence the time and value of disinfestation.

Number of visits required: Depending on the type of pest, the size of the place and the degree of infestation, our technician will define the number of visits necessary to completely eliminate the infestation. This will also influence the final figure in your budget.

he truth is that there are several factors that influence a pest control budget. However, Truly Nolen guarantees you a fair price for guaranteed quality service and fast, definitive results.

Call us today at 800 20 20 50 and solve your problem. Truly Nolen is the solution!