Casal em mudanças para casa nova com rato

Buying a house is definitely exciting, especially if it’s the first one. However, because it’s such a big investment, it’s critical to make sure the property isn’t in trouble before you commit. While an infestation is not necessarily a deterrent to your purchase, removal of the pest in question should immediately be a priority.

The truth is that you can even buy the house and only realize that you are facing an infestation later. When the owners of a house put it up for sale, they usually do not publicize any problems or constraints that might prevent the house from being sold.

Therefore, it might be a good idea to know the signs of infestation so that you can identify them, if any. After the initial visit, but always before deciding to buy, you should carry out a superficial examination of the property, checking for the presence of any feces or gnawed objects, for example. From bed bugs, to rodents, cockroaches, among many others. All these pests leave small traces of their presence even if you cannot see them in daylight. It is normal for them to hide when visiting the house and feel human movement, but they always leave some trace behind.

What to do if you notice that there is an infestation?

If you really notice that your dream house has an infestation, it’s best to call Truly Nolen as soon as possible. We are specialists in controlling all types of pests. We are fast, efficient and guarantee the success of the service.

The faster you act, the easier it will be to eliminate the pest and the easier the move to your new home!

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