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Ants are very common insects in gardens and patios, however, they can also invade your home. These are perhaps the most troublesome insects and can be quite difficult to fight. Fortunately, Truly Nolen has the professionals with the best knowledge in the area. ?

Ants can smell food from afar, which draws them closer to humans. Because they are so small they rarely attack but can bite or sting to defend themselves.

They eat a wide variety of foods, including meat, animal feed, fats and sweets. Their special preference for sweet food makes them sometimes unbearable and true tough warriors in the kitchen.

Once one finds food, the rest form an army on the march and gather whatever they can get. This is a pest that enters through doors, windows or any other space inside your home. Once inside, they can be very difficult to eliminate and can infest everything in pantries and closets.

Despite their various efforts with repellents and other homemade tables, pest control for ants is essential for them to be eliminated. Truly Nolen’s knowledge of the biology of these insects is the key to success.

We can easily direct them to their place of origin, the nest.

Steps to follow after treatment:

After Truly Nolen has taken care of disinfecting your home, you must take steps to prevent the ants from returning.

➡ If you have a yard with trees, it is important to trim the branches that are closest to your house, especially windows and doors, the ants will try to use them to gain access to the house.

➡ Use foam or silicone to insulate doors, windows or all possible entrances for ants.

➡ When there is no food source, ants are less likely to enter your home. Avoid leaving food exposed and uncovered around the house, seal your pets’ food well and, very importantly, never leave food on the kitchen counter. Even the smallest crumbs are real temptations for ants.

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