Mão a segurar barata no ar

Discover the four most common myths about cockroaches:

  1. 1. Cockroaches don’t bite

Often when we are faced with an infestation of cockroaches we hear the phrase: “at least they don’t bite”. While it’s true that cockroaches don’t suck blood like bed bugs, they do bite. Cockroaches bite the human body just as they would any other being in nature, with most bites occurring at night, when people are sleeping.

  1. 2. Cockroaches don’t carry as many diseases as rats

It is true that rodents are responsible for some of the deadliest epidemics in history, such as the Black Death. However, cockroaches spread germs from sewage and garbage wherever they go. These can transmit a variety of viruses, as well as the bacteria that cause salmonella poisoning, staph infections and throat infections. In addition, airborne particles from cockroach exoskeletons contribute to allergies and asthma attacks.

  1. 3. Cockroaches only live in dirty houses

Some people are embarrassed to seek help with a cockroach problem because they believe their lack of care is to blame. They always think that they could have cleaned more or better and that this way the cockroaches would never appear. But the truth is, cockroaches don’t care if the house is clean or dirty as long as food is available. These are not at all demanding and are content with anything.

  1. 4. Cockroaches do not leave feces

Cockroaches have an incredible adaptability that allows them to recycle nitrogenous waste and eliminate the need to urinate. But even if they do not urinate, they excrete solid waste like any member of the animal kingdom. Like birds, cockroaches have a crop and a gizzard to receive food after eating. After the cockroach’s intestines absorb the nutrients, waste that resembles coffee grounds travels through the colon and rectum and then leaves the body through the tiny anus. So yes, cockroaches leave feces.

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