Produtos alimentares no carrinho de compras

If you have a commercial establishment, like a store, a supermarket, or a cafe, for example, you know very well the importance of making the whole experience special and unique. And the truth is that insects or rodents walking side by side with customers can be something without a doubt unforgettable, but never positive.

This is why pest control in commercial spaces is so important to avoid encounters like this. Truly Nolen offers commercial solutions tailored to your business, ensuring that your customers leave satisfied and willing to return.

Regular cleaning is essential

What most attracts pests is without doubt garbage, food, and dirt. Ensuring that your space is cleaned and cared for daily and that there are no food scraps or grease is half the way to keeping pests away. If there are areas of the establishment that you notice are more prone to the appearance of pests, be aware and take special care with them.

Define a plan for the placement of waste and how often it should be emptied. See if this alleviates the insect or rodent problems you have problems with and if so continue with it.

Have a pest control plan

If any customer sees a cockroach, a mouse, or any other pest in your establishment, chances are they will never come back. And the truth is that even if you are very careful about cleaning, there are certain types of businesses that naturally attract more pests than others. This is why it is so important that you have a pest control plan with a company that specializes in pest control, such as Truly Nolen. This means that you will always have a professional you can turn to if you have any unpleasant encounters. Truly Nolen creates a custom design tailored to you and your establishment, ensuring your reputation is as positive as it deserves.

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