Carro de compras com mercearias num supermercado

Any company that has any source of water or food is vulnerable to insects and rodents, it is inevitable. This is why Truly Nolen warns you if you are the owner of any of these 4 types of business:


Restaurants are one of the favorite places for pests as they can become the perfect shelter. Here pests like rats or cockroaches can find a place where food is virtually unlimited.

Therefore, keeping the restaurant clean should always be the top priority. Effective cleaning planning should include daily cleaning tasks and weekly maintenance. In addition to being a serious food safety problem, the presence of pests in your restaurant can mean complaints from your customers and an eventual closure of the business. So as you already know, keep your establishment clean and organized, inspect everything you receive from suppliers carefully before storing, and change the trash several times.


As well as restaurants, supermarkets also have a vast stock of food that must be protected from rodents and insects. In addition to this, customers themselves tend to dump their garbage in parking lots and outside the appropriate places. For this reason, here it is equally necessary to have an exhaustive control and daily cleaning. After all, who would return to a supermarket with pests?


Hotels with cafes and shops should also have daily cleaning schedules similar to restaurants. However, hotel owners face another threat not commonly associated with other businesses. The Bed Bugs! These breed surprisingly fast and can infest an entire hotel in a short amount of time.

If you are faced with bed bugs, you should immediately contact a pest control service experienced in bed bug control. News about this pest travels very fast in the hotel business and it is unlikely to receive many guests after such an infestation.


The truth is, offices are not usually associated with pest problem locations. However, most pests are not picky about locations as long as they provide them with shelter and food. Office workers eat lunch and snack in the building, often leaving scraps and crumbs from their meals, attracting unwanted visitors. It is therefore important that teams are alert and keep areas clean during working hours.

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