Cães deitados numa cama em loja de animais

If you’re a pet store owner, you probably love entertaining your four-legged customers. However, you also know that although animals are welcome, they are also true invitations to the appearance of pests.

What are the most common pests in a pet store?

Fleas – This pest especially loves dogs and cats, easily jumping into the feed aisle in search of food.

Cockroaches – They are very undemanding insects and, for this reason, as long as there is water and food, they are satisfied. And is there a better shelter for this than a pet store?

Fruit flies – Although you don’t have vegetables or fruits in your store, there will certainly be feed, garbage and faeces, it’s unavoidable.

Ants – Ants can be anywhere, being attracted by a bowl of dog food or even a dustbin.

How to prevent pests in your pet store?

Stopping pet food or banning pets will never be a viable solution, so the best thing you can do is always inspect new deliveries, ensuring there are no signs of pests. Look for holes in packages or on top of packages. Quickly clean all the dirt caused by your four legged friends, from faeces, to food scraps or even water.

Clean the store very often. Hire Truly Nolen and ensure you don’t have serious pest problems.

By hiring a company specializing in pest control, you not only get rid of them but also ensure the prevention of future outbreaks. It is also important that the removal of the insect or rodent is done safely for employees and, of course, for children and animals.

Contrate a Truly Nolen e garanta que não tem problemas sérios com pragas. Ao contratar uma empresa especializada em controlo de pragas, não só se livra destas como garante a prevenção de aparecimentos futuros. É ainda importante que a remoção do inseto ou roedor seja feita de forma segura para os funcionários e, claro, para crianças e animais.

Professional pest control is highly recommended for companies in this sector!

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