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A Truly Nolen deals daily with insects harmful to humans, making regular disinfestations in the most diverse environments. Bedbugs, in particular, are very annoying as they can get into sheets and mattresses and stay for months or even years.

The truth is that most people think that they can simply put in the trash objects they have identified the presence of bed bugs, such as sheets or pillowcases, which is a big mistake. By putting infested objects in the trash you may be relocating your bed bug infestation. In other words, instead of getting rid of the pest, you are directing it to another part of your house.

But what are bed bugs?

If you’ve never had to deal with a bed bug infestation, you’re officially a lucky person. Bedbugs are very annoying insects, leaving stings on the skin that cause pain and itching. They are commonly known as bedbugs and lay tens to hundreds of eggs over their lifetime.

Why shouldn’t we move bed bug-infested objects?

If you realized you had a bed bug infestation in your room, probably the first thing you would do is get rid of the mattress and sheets, right? Wrong! Moving an object with bed bugs can make these insects panic and flee, taking shelter elsewhere. This will make it not only your bedroom but also an infestation on the sofas and rugs in the living room, for example.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to get your items back without having to dispose of them. To start with, wash your bed linen in hot water and, you know, don’t move the mattress! Then call a Truly Nolen pest control technician to resolve the issue.

Ending a bed bug infestation is nearly impossible without professional help. Talk to us today and kick them out for good!

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