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Ants are small insects, however, they can carry weights much higher than their individual weight. Fascinating, isn’t it?

But how come these tiny creatures are so incredibly strong?

What is the secret of the strength of ants?

The truth is that the secret is in its structure. The tissue structure of the ants’ neck joint and its connection to the head and body create a very strong exoskeleton.

Something that also helps these insects to have incredible strength is their size. Do not believe? It is true! Their bodies are incredibly light and this helps explain their strength. Their muscles don’t need to support them like it does with other beings, like humans for example. It is believed that if ants existed with larger dimensions, they would then be much weaker, as their muscles would have to support their body weight and would have less strength to carry other things.

How do ants use their strength?

Ants use their strength in a variety of ways. There are the most diverse species in Portugal and probably some you will never get to see, but beware, despite being really fascinating insects they can quickly turn into an infestation.

Ants use their strength to build colonies and to transfer the food they find to them. They collect food scraps, other insects, seeds, among other foods, managing to carry them over great distances, just with their strength.

When ant strength becomes a problem

It really is indisputable the strength of these insects, but when they use it to enter your house it is no longer so funny.

An ant pest can even be a serious problem. Talk to Truly Nolen and ask for a disinfestation service. We are the right pest control company!

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