Infestação baratas na wc de uma casa

They are on the blacklist of the most common pests in Portugal and are a real headache. This is a pest normally associated with houses with poor hygiene and conditions. However, even if you keep your home or workplace clean and tidy, you may continue to unwittingly attract cockroaches.

Carefully read these 3 tips to avoid this real nightmare: ?

1 – Cover and properly store your pets’ food.

Cockroaches are extremely adaptable ​​and have a very varied diet. They scour almost everything they find, including food scraps from their animals. If you leave your dog’s or cat’s food visible, the smell can attract cockroaches, which can enter through drains, cracks in the walls and even though the air conditioning. If you clean your pet’s food bowls frequently and store the food bags daily, you can lessen the chances of them appearing.

2 – Don’t let your faucets drip.

Although cockroaches can survive the most diverse conditions, they need water to live. The humidity caused by dripping faucets attracts insects, which can take advantage of any space, however small, to enter. The most common are washing machines or dishwashers, kitchen and bathroom sinks and refrigerators. This is why it is very important to avoid any bad pipes or faucets, encouraging them to look elsewhere to venture out.

3 – Always leave doors and windows tightly closed and sealed.

Cockroaches use their antennas to find food and can follow a scent far enough away to reach it. In addition to digesting a wide variety of foods, they especially like fat and sugar. This means that your junk can attract them through damaged windows or small spaces. For this reason, you must inspect your windows and doors very well, to avoid pests like this. Truly Nolen can help you protect your home or workplace by sealing off all places that are prone to insect entry.

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