Teia de aranha no exterior

If you’re like most people, even if you’re not particularly afraid of spiders, you’d probably prefer to avoid contact with them. Unfortunately, the truth is that they often like to move into your home, even against your will.

Curiosities about spiders

Despite their eight eyes, eight legs and furry bodies, spiders have many qualities far more endearing than their looks. Did you know that some arachnids have amazing abilities that make them successful hunters? For example, there is a species that can change its color to blend in with its surroundings while waiting for its prey. There are also many spiders that feed only from the inside of their prey, turning this food source into a liquid, through certain digestive enzymes.

In addition, they are real artists with their webs! For example, many spiders eat their own webs in order to reuse this material to build new webs in the future.

Did you also know that female spiders are usually much larger? In fact, some even eat males who try to court them!

The spider’s lifestyle

In fact, there are many species of spiders, which makes it difficult to identify the typical behavior of these creatures. However, the most common spiders, which most people find in their homes and gardens, tend to be small and eat ants, small flying insects and other small prey. But did you know that some spiders have an appetite big enough to hunt centipedes and lizards?

It is also known that different spiders prefer different living conditions. For example, some of these arachnids like to live in warm areas such as basements, attics or air vents. While others opt for damp environments such as washbasin cabinets. But most of the time, spiders tend to prefer secluded areas, away from human eyes.

How to prevent a spider infestation?

At Truly Nolen, we believe the key to success when it comes to pests is prevention. For example, always try to keep your building or dwelling free of any materials that might attract spiders to your property. This involves trimming bushes and relocating rubbish bins. Also, it’s better to minimize the number of items on the ground so that spiders don’t use them as hiding places. Finally, be sure to inspect your exterior walls and entrances and fill in any cracks you see.


However, Truly Nolen knows that even the best maintenance strategies can’t always stop spiders from getting into your home. So when you realize you’re facing a spider infestation, call us right away or go to our website and buy our spider disinfestation service!

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