Rato em casa no inverno

The answer is no! Pest control in the colder months is just as important as summer pest control. In fact, cold weather causes pests to seek warm shelter, and what better than your home? The best way to avoid bringing in unwanted guests during this season is to really protect your home and, of course, keep Truly Nolen‘s contact information in case.

What are the most common pests at this time?

While some insects and pests die or hibernate when temperatures begin to drop, others choose to seek refuge within warm spaces. The most common ones to find at this time are: cockroaches, rats, ants, flies, spiders, among others.

It is important to take immediate steps to remove these pests as soon as you find them, as they can contaminate food sources, damage the structural integrity of the home and even spread disease.

What are the signs of an infestation?

Indicators of infestation vary depending on the pest in question, but it is important to be aware of bites, faeces and urine.

How to prevent pests in your home?

Pests often serve as prey for larger creatures. This makes them experts at finding places to hide. The best way to prevent pests from entering your home is to remove all potential hiding places or entry points.

During the cold months, take time to clean in and around your house. Dusty areas let pests know that this can be a place where they can hide and be ignored. With routine cleaning, however, it is more difficult for pests to take hold.

Who should you call for pest control services?

If you need help with preventive measures or have found signs of an infestation, it’s time to call in professionals. At Truly Nolen, we use a pest control system that is friendly to your home, your pets and the environment. Request an inspection so we can take action throughout the year to prevent pests in your home.

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