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The cockroach is one of the most repulsive insects. Katsaridophobia is the name given to this disorder, characterized by panic attacks, anxiety, increased heart rate, or even fainting.

Besides this fear, the presence of this insect can bring serious health problems. Cockroaches are known to cause diseases such as dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, typhoid fever, eczema, gastroenteritis, or salmonella. Cockroaches also produce an allergen that can cause allergy attacks and asthma, especially in children. That's why it's so important to disinfect cockroaches as soon as you spot them.

How to stop a cockroach infestation

If your office or dwelling is suffering from the effects of a cockroach infestation, your priority should be to put an end to them as soon as possible. Ignoring their existence and allowing them to remain in place will only make the situation worse. Cockroaches reproduce quickly and in large numbers. A female cockroach can lay four hundred eggs or more during her lifetime, causing infestations to grow rapidly if left untreated.

Man pouring insecticide on a cockroach inside his house.

The best option is a professional cockroach disinfestation intervention, followed by concrete measures to control this pest.

How to detect the presence of cockroaches

The cockroach (Blattaria) is said to have appeared on Earth about 300 million years ago, and is one of the oldest groups of insects. There are at least 3,500 varieties, but only 30 are usually found in homes and other buildings.

They are hardy animals by nature, being able to survive without water or food for days and up to 45 minutes without air.

Cockroaches are easily identifiable by their oval body shape with a chitin exoskeleton, long antennae, six legs, and large eyes.

Their food sources are food scraps, rotting garbage, cardboard, grease, soap, and human hair. They are nocturnal animals, taking advantage of the darkness to avoid being seen. They usually hide in warm and humid places, such as bathrooms, garbage cans, under appliances, etc.

Cockroaches appear even in the cleanest of homes, making it necessary to carry out effective cockroach disinfestation. They can enter through a crack in the wall or an open window, ventilation ducts or plumbing. They especially like pipes and faucets, which provide them with water and hiding places. They can also subsist near standing water such as bird or pet troughs, plant pots and gutters, and compost bins.

How to prevent a cockroach infestation

If you have already detected at least one cockroach in the place, it is almost certain that there are more hiding. Alive or dead, they are an alarm signal! Call Truly Nolen's cockroach disinfestation services and learn how to control the situation.

  • Seal possible cracks around your home
  • Repair water leaks from all appliances and faucets
  • Remove containers of standing water
  • Clean kitchen countertops and floors after every meal
  • Place compost as far away from your home as possible

Cockroach – Pest Control

  • • Truly Nolen's teams of qualified professionals fight against cockroaches in places of residence, work or leisure. These are the places to look out for.
  • • Dark brown or black excrement, like coffee grounds or pepper.
  • • Remains of skin and eggshells, dark brown or black.
  • • Musty smell originates from the pheromones that cockroaches release to attract more cockroaches.
  • • Damaged food packaging.
  • • Traces of cockroaches on materials such as paper, fabrics, and leather.

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A pest is defined as an outbreak of a species that becomes harmful to humans or that disturbs ecosystems, interfering with the balance of a habitat. Pests cause various epidemic diseases to humans and even animals. A pest is usually associated with a high number of a particular species that leads to ecological imbalances and can be composed of insects, mites, birds, among others.
There is often a pest in your home, without it being easily detectable. Many species hide or protect themselves when they sense the human presence, manifesting when we are not there. For this reason, you must pay attention to signs such as feces, marks, food or noisy objects for example. These are small signs that can mean you are in the presence of a pest, even if it is not visible.
Truly Nolen advises you to ask for professional help to ensure that your pest is eliminated. The combination of experience with extensive research and development results in the best protocols prepared to solve any pest problems. The continuous training of our technicians ensures correct execution, guaranteeing the effectiveness of the service, which results in the total elimination of your pest. If you try to do it in an amateur way, you run the risk of not only not eliminating the pest but also making the situation worse.
Yes. Truly Nolen and its research and development team have created a proactive program aimed at identifying and addressing the changes in the behavior of each pest from season to season. For example, in summer insects multiply more than in winter, which requires an adaptation in the pest control service. Products and equipment can be changed, as well as the methods used.
A very common mistake when talking about pests is to believe that the warmer seasons are the only times of the year when they pose a threat. This is not true, many pest species pose a year-round threat. What does exist is a change in behavior from one season to another, which does not mean that protective measures are less necessary. It is important to have pest control during the four seasons of the year so that your safety is always assured.