Técnico de desinfeção com fato de proteção com equipamento em ambiente hospitalar.

The importance of disinfecting spaces during flu season

The worst of the pandemic seems to have passed, but the precautions to take with the disinfection of spaces should continue, mainly in the hospital or school settings where there are many people with a higher health risk. Currently, facing Covid-19, Influenza and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) - classified by the UN as a Triple Threat – Truly Nolen continues to take this situation into account.

Respiratory diseases, an ever-present danger

During covid-19, people were used to disinfecting all spaces and surfaces as a mandatory task, whether at home or at work. Disinfecting door handles, lift buttons, tables and object, was a routine practiced by millions of people throughout the world. However, today is no longer a mandatory task.

Portugal was no exception. The use of masks, tests, restrictions on schedules and travel and even the isolation of patients were extraordinary measures that have been lifted. With the administration of vaccine boosters, the population has reached the so-called group immunity and can now go about their normal lives. Between September and November 2022, more than 2 million Portuguese were vaccinated against influenza and Covid.

However, some segments of the population still need some care. The elderly, children and those suffering from respiratory diseases are the main targets. In fact, the Triple Threat is already clogging up hospitals and could get worse in winter, accordingly to CNN Portugal. Experts recommend wearing a mask for people with Covid symptoms and taking care with ventilation.

How to guarantee the disinfection of spaces

The disinfection process aims to eliminate microorganisms that can cause infectious-contagious diseases - such as Coronavirus, Influenza or Respiratory Syncytial Virus. Disinfection does not prevent these problems, but instead is part of the precautions to be taken in their prevention and hinders the proliferation of viruses, bacteria and fungi in closed environments.

The disinfection techniques developed by Truly Nolen are highly effective. They are carried out through the system of cold nebulization, which applies viricidal disinfectant products of the latest generation, whose effectiveness has been proven by the competent bodies. When applied to contact surfaces, these disinfectants have immediate action. They can be administered to both indoor and outdoor surfaces, domestic, business, industrial, school or hospital environments, without risk to human health.

Truly Nolen recommends a periodic disinfection in order to reduce the risk of contamination in all areas covered by the treatment.

Cleaning vs. disinfection vs. disinfestation

It is important to distinguish cleaning from disinfection. Cleaning is a previous step to disinfection, removing elements such as dust, grease or food through the action of water and detergents. Cleaning is a necessary and indispensable task, although it is not enough to eliminate viruses and bacteria. The elimination of the virus is only guaranteed by the application of duly registered chemical disinfectants, using specific techniques and equipment. The disinfection processes used by Truly Nolen in school or hospital settings reduce the risk of contagion and break potential chains of infection.

Este objetivo só é garantido pela aplicação de desinfetantes químicos devidamente registados, através de técnicas e equipamentos específicos. Os processos de desinfeção utilizados pela Truly Nolen em contexto escolar ou hospitalar reduzem o risco de contágio e quebram potenciais cadeias de infeção.

Another term that can be confused with disinfection is disinfestation. The service of disinfestation, the same as pest control, is the process of eliminating and controlling pests of insects, rodents or other animals, such as cockroaches, spiders, mice, fleas, termites, wasps, etc.

Truly Nolen's technicians are qualified to carry out both disinfection and disinfestation services at any residential or business premises, regardless of business area or size. All the products used are certified by the DGS - Direção Geral de Saúde and DGAV - Direção-Geral da Alimentação e Veterinária.

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