Pombos na Área Urbana

Birds are fascinating creatures, however, when considered pests they can be real nightmares for humans. Their behavior can be harmful to our health, compromise our safety and damage buildings and structures, leading to huge monetary losses. Birds can also go a long way towards damaging your business’ reputation.

If pests are not removed from the human environment, they can create very serious, often irreparable, problems. The best thing is to call Truly Nolen and make sure the pests disappear for good. However, it is always good to keep these precautions:

Lack of food

The first step in preventing bird pests such as pigeons or gulls is not to feed them. Instruct your employees as well as customers not to feed the birds. Also ensure that there are no food sources that will make them return to your business. Remove any residue from the outside areas and, if it is a restaurant business, as soon as your customers have finished eating, immediately remove their dishes from the outside.

Dump the trash several times

Dumping the trash several times and preferably far from your premises is halfway there so that flying pests do not come near your business.


Always keep your establishment clean and organized. Avoid scattered food residues, clean outside areas frequently, and put up signs that encourage people not to leave litter in the area.

Follow Truly Nolen’s tips and talk to us today. Truly Nolen is the key to your business success!