Moscas numa Laranja

Small fruit flies are very unwanted customers when it comes to certain businesses. They are more common in summer due to the warmer climate and greater abundance of fruits and vegetables, however they are a real nuisance all year round.

These are especially attracted by the aforementioned foods and also by the fermenting sugars of alcoholic beverages. This makes this insect an unconditional fan of bars, cafes and restaurants.

The truth is that these flies are mostly hated because they are very annoying and make a bad impression on customers, but what you probably didn’t know is that these insects contaminate food and drink with bacteria and pathogens harmful to our health. This is due to the fact that they frequent very unhygienic places, such as rubbish, toilets, drains, etc.

In addition, the fruit fly lays its eggs in ripe fruit for example. Once hatched, the larvae feed on the fruit and, if you are unlucky enough to inadvertently eat it, it can be harmful causing a lot of discomfort, vomiting and diarrhoea. It is for this reason that this insect is a concern in terms of Food Safety and must be properly controlled.

Fruit flies reproduce very quickly (up to 500 laid eggs at a time, which can fully develop in less than seven days in conditions around 15°C), which can lead to rapid infestation within a period of very short time.

However, Truly Nolen gives you some tips to avoid them:

1) Keep the areas most suitable for its appearance clean

As these are attracted to unsanitary areas, it is important that these are always clean. Make sure your employees follow a cleaning schedule and do it regularly. In addition to the more obvious spaces, don’t forget to clean all equipment, including refrigerators, drink machines, bar mats, etc.

2) Limit access to liquids

Make sure there is no standing water overnight and that the sinks are dry. The drains must also be cleaned every night due to the remains of drinks, juices and alcohol that can always be left.

3) Cover beer bottles and taps

When closing your establishment, ensure that all bottles are properly sealed, to prevent flies from entering the bottles and leaving eggs.

4) Dispose of garbage frequently

Finally, take out the trash several times a day to ensure that flies do not smell and prevent them from settling near it.

If you are facing a fruit fly infestation please do not hesitate to contact us, Truly Nolen will solve it.

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