Controlo de pragas em cozinha industrial

When we talk about the maintenance of industrial kitchens, we mainly talk about sanitary work. It is essential that every worker knows the proper hygiene rules so that there is a responsibility to keep the environment clean and safe for the customer. The truth is that an industrial kitchen is more susceptible to major infestations.

Daily cleaning and sanitizing

Keeping the kitchen spotless is the most effective way to avoid pest problems. Rodents and insects are attracted to dirt and food waste, something very easily found in kitchens of this size. It is important that it is kept clean to avoid damage to materials and contamination of surfaces.

Garbage removal

Industrial kitchens inevitably generate a significant amount of waste, so it is essential that it is dumped several times a day. The secret is not to let it accumulate, avoiding bags that are too full and torn, which are an appetizing attractant for pests.

Food storage

It is essential that you follow the correct procedures regarding the temperature and sanitation of refrigerators and freezers, in order to avoid the presence of insects and rodents. But despite most products being refrigerated, there are also many products stored at room temperature. These are the most vulnerable to pests if not sealed properly. It is therefore important that items are in sealed containers and that they are inspected regularly.

Cleaning heavy equipment

Fryers, stoves, ovens and other cooking equipment should be removed periodically for deep cleaning.

Dirt accumulated under heavy equipment is halfway to a serious infestation. Pest control in kitchens is easier to maintain when your entire team contributes and cares about the health and safety of customers.

Exterior and interior inspections

Rodents can get in through coin-sized holes and insects through even smaller cracks and holes. Inspecting the building carefully is therefore essential. Making minor repairs to the building is much cheaper and easier than dealing with the aftermath of a pest infestation.

Specialist pest control

Keeping your kitchen clean and organized reduces the likelihood of infestations. However, there are several other unavoidable factors when it comes to these areas of business. Having a specialized pest control company is essential. Talk to Truly Nolen and let us develop a custom pest control plan.

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