Lavandaria, ambiente propício a infestação de percevejos

A store like a laundry is quite conducive to the appearance of pests, did you know? The truth is, pests like cockroaches love all starch-based products and, of course, plenty of water. Bed bugs travel from garment to garment and in no time you have an infestation in your store.

Many people use laundries as a way to get rid of bed bugs, which is the main way they enter your establishment. The big problem is that this pest is very resistant and can survive cold washing, for example, which means that the next person who comes to do the laundry is very likely to take the insects home with them. Worse still, bed bugs can breed and lay eggs in your machines or near baseboards.

Cockroaches are another very common pest in laundries and controlling a population of cockroaches can be difficult if you don’t have a specialized company to help you in this regard.

How to prevent bed bugs and other pests

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to eliminate. The only positive thing about laundries when it comes to these pests is that, for the most part, there is no constant food source. The big problem lies in the fact that they cling to the clothes of new customers and go to their homes.

It is best to hire a specialized company to help you create a pest control plan tailored to your needs.

How can customers protect themselves?

Apesar de ser essencial que as lavandarias cumpram o seu plano de desinfestação à risca, é sempre bom que os seus clientes se tentem proteger também da melhor forma.

Although it is essential that laundries comply with their disinfestation plan to the letter, it is always good that their customers try to protect themselves in the best way too. First, heat is always the best option. Washing your pieces in hot water is half the way to eliminating most insects. And then if after drying, the machine manages to eliminate everything else. The problem is that not all pieces can be washed and dried in heat. When this happens, inspect each item well before putting it in the machine and never put your clothes on the floor, transfer them directly from your bag to the inside of the washing machine.

You know, having pests in your laundry room can be very dangerous for your business and ends up driving away many customers. Talk to Truly Nolen and ensure a suitable and tailored plan.

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