Rato analisado à lupa

Autumn has arrived and with it the rodents wanting to take shelter in your home!

As temperatures begin to drop, rats seek warmth and shelter, and tend to want to find refuge in a place where they can hide and raise their babies safely.

Rats like to make their nests in places where human activity is minimal. In this way, they look for places where they are less likely to be disturbed, such as attics, closets or behind walls. And the truth is that a rodent infestation in your home can pose a real danger to your health. Rats spread harmful excrement and pathogens that are extremely dangerous to human health.

Another big problem when it comes to rodents is that they reproduce in a short period of time. Within weeks, they can go from 3 or 4 to hundreds. This is why a rodent infestation is one of the most destructive, devastating and dangerous things that can happen in your home.

The key is to control the problem when it has not reached an extreme point.

How do rodents get into your home?

During colder weather, rats look for entry points such as small holes in walls and cracks between windows or doors. During each season’s changeover, it’s a good idea to take time to seal off any potential entry points for rodents and insects.

Looking for food

In addition to seeking shelter in your home, rats also seek food. They go through the trash, your pantry, fridge, etc.

Rodents are not picky about their meals, they consume almost everything. The important thing is to be aware of marks on packaging or rodent feces in corners. Finding small droppings that look like black rice grains or berries is an obvious sign that you have a rodent problem and you need to contact Truly Nolen as soon as possible.

Truly Nolen offers advanced rodent control techniques and is the market leader. With the help of our experienced and friendly staff, your family will be safe and secure.

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