Cabeça de rato a espreitar perto de cano de esgoto

The cold winter climate brings with it behavioral changes in several species. Many birds migrate, mammals and reptiles tend to hibernate, and we humans wear warmer clothes and spend less time outdoors and more time indoors and warm. Rodents do not migrate or hibernate but behave like humans. They seek warm shelter and a source of food, making our homes a tempting target.

But how do these rodents get in?

It’s easier than you think, as winter offers them more opportunities and rodents know how to take advantage of them. The cold makes our homes more susceptible to new holes and crevices, and these do not need a large opening to enter. Did you know that rats can pass through a hole the size of a 2-euro coin? Your skin is oily and your body is very flexible. And even if the hole is too small, with its sharp teeth and its survival instinct, even the toughest surfaces end up gnawed away.

For this reason, it is very important that all holes are properly covered and that we pay attention to food with small bites or feces around the house.

The big problem with having rodents at home or in our workplace is that they reproduce very quickly and have large litters, and the female is ready to breed at just one month of age. So it’s easy to see how one or two mice a day can turn into hundreds in a short time. Apart from that these are dangerous transmitters of disease. Rats are relentless when the goal is to look for food. They run counters, get into closets, gnaw on boxes and bags, leave urine and feces everywhere, and still manage to do untold and dangerous damage to buildings.

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