Abelha obreira na primavera

Spring has arrived and with it the warmest weather. As the seasons vary throughout the year, pests also manifest themselves differently and, with the arrival of spring, various pests also arrive in force. Among the most common are insects.

Many factors contribute to a greater activity of insects this season, the main ones being temperature, humidity and greater food supply. These three factors contribute to the spring activity of insects such as ants, cockroaches, termites or mosquitoes, for example, being much more intense. Their reproduction increases, as does the possibility of survival.

For this reason, more important than control is the need for the prevention of pests. Truly Nolen leaves you 4 tips to protect your home from pests in spring: ?

1 –If you have a garden, it must be kept up to date, to minimize both hiding places and potential sources of food. Keeping your garden trimmed and cared for is essential to prevent pests from taking hold in your outdoor space.

2 – With the growing number of pests in the outdoor space, it is extremely important to protect the indoor space, so that the insects that are outside are not attracted to the inside. Therefore, you should always keep the house clean and free from grease, food scraps or garbage. Keep spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom clean and dry, and of course, change the trash regularly.

3 – The easiest way for pests to enter your home is through open windows or small cracks or fissures, so keeping all entrances properly sealed and closed is very important. Whenever you leave the windows open to air out, remember to put a mosquito net or even an insect blocker, to avoid as much as possible the installation of pests inside.

4 – The fourth and last tip that Truly Nolen leaves you is to hire a company specialized in pest control, to keep the environment safe throughout the year, preventing the possible appearance or reappearance of pests.

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