Mulher usa repelente ao ar livre

You may be surrounded by people, but the only person who gets bitten by mosquitoes is you? Even if you’re not that person, I’m sure you know someone like that. Regardless of what the person does and the repellents you put on, the mosquitoes chase you. But why does this happen to certain people and not others? What makes someone more appealing to a mosquito?

The answer is very simple, it all depends on genetics. True, several studies indicate that the likelihood of someone being bitten or not depends on genetics. Several elements make someone more susceptible to bites, such as blood type. Type O blood is much more appealing to mosquitoes than any other. Type A is not so appetizing.

In addition to blood type, carbon dioxide emitted by the person is also a deciding factor for these insects, as is body temperature. Mosquitoes like a warm body to attack.

Therefore, we have already realized that avoiding mosquitoes can be very difficult for someone with genetics that is more attractive to these insects.

It’s best to call Truly Nolen and make sure mosquitoes don’t enter your home. Otherwise, cover yourself with a sheet and pretend to be dead all night long. ?

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