Barata morta de barriga para cima

You may have noticed that cockroaches always die with their legs up. Because? Truly Nolen explains!

The big reason this happens is that your airways are in the abdominal area. This makes the cockroach have the instinct to turn its back, to be able to breathe better after being attacked with poison. It’s a survival instinct.

Another reason why this pest dies in this position is its physiognomy. The cockroach’s long legs make its body’s center of gravity center on its back. In this way, as soon as they start to lose their balance or become weak, the force of gravity ends up pulling them to that position.

Why don’t we see so many dead cockroaches in this position in outdoor spaces?

The answer is very simple. Usually, outdoors cockroaches end up being eaten by other predators. Despite their very unpleasant appearance, cockroaches are an incredible source of protein for other animals, providing a very nutritious meal.

It is for this reason that in outdoor spaces we end up seeing fewer cockroaches with their legs up, as they end up not dying many times from poisoning, but rather due to the normal functioning of the food chain.

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