Rato em sala junto a árvore de natal

Did you know that Christmas is a very good time for pests to appear in your home?

With the festive season approaching and Christmas just around the corner, the saga of Christmas decorations begins. And who doesn’t love an imposing tree in the corner of the room? Truly Nolen leaves you some tips so that you can live this festive season in tranquility and away from unwanted pests

The truth is, many of the Christmas decorations are kept from year to year in attic boxes or in storage rooms, hidden away and unused for an entire year. These become a tempting shelter for pests such as insects or rodents, which can use them as protection throughout the year.

Therefore, it is important that these boxes are unpacked outdoors and properly cleaned and inspected, paying special attention to feces or gnawed decorations.

A very useful tip is to store your decorations in hard plastic boxes with airtight lids, instead of the usual cardboard boxes. A well-sealed box can keep pests away and Christmas decorations pristine longer.

With regard to real and freshly cut Christmas trees, these are increasingly common in Portugal, and there are even those who do not use artificial ones. This is a habit that inevitably brings pests into your home. Whenever we bring natural plants to our homes, we run the normal risk that they will be accompanied by pests, such as spiders, rodents or ants, for example. Many of these pests have their nests in trees and for this reason it is essential that they are inspected and cleaned before entering the home. Truly Nolen advises you to always shake them outdoors and then clean them correctly, so that pests that may be hiding inside do not spread throughout the house.

Last but not least, the cozy fireplace. Always store firewood in a place away from your home and inspect it very well before bringing it home.

Follow Truly Nolen’s advice and enjoy your Christmas away from unwanted pests.

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