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Pest control in Hospitals, Health Cares and Pharmaceutical Industries is a difficult, high responsibility and high risk job. It is a work often similar to what happens in other buildings because the pests are the same: cockroaches, rats, ants, flies, etc. The places where they occur are very similar to other places like restaurants, pantries, hotel rooms, laundrys, among others. The major problem is that in hospitals there are people, many of whom are extremely debilitated and therefore, not only must the pest be controlled in order to minimize the risk of hospital contamination, but also that the companies that control it must be Highly trained to analyze the situation and take the necessary measures for a risk-free control for patients.

Pest control is essential and should not be carried out in hospitals by companies that do not have in their competences the introduction of Integrated Pest Control, a methodology that deals mainly with hygiene and prevention, making the consultancy its largest working tool. Insecticidal products are only used when all other forms of control have failed, but it should be emphasized that the application techniques must be fully adequate so as not to jeopardize the sterilization of the premises, the purity of the food, raw materials and remedies And especially the health of patients.

Truly Nolen is a company that is highly specialized in pest control and is capable of correctly servicing the hospital segment, with high quality at very competitive prices and without jeopardizing patients and their credibility.

At the time of hiring, consideration should be given not only to the price, but also to the technical and administrative capacity of the companies, in order to meet the needs of the institution with high quality.

Truly Nolen only uses insecticides and rodenticides for professional use, registered in the Ministry of Health and that can only be used by companies with operating license issued by the public agencies responsible for this activity. In addition to this condition, companies must have a responsible technician with a great knowledge of pest biology and mastery of techniques and fundamentals for the execution of all services through Integrated Pest Management.

The concept of Integrated Pest Management aims to eliminate infestations through techniques that recommend corrective and preventive measures in the environment, seeking to eliminate factors that facilitate the entry and lodging of pests. The importance of preventive and corrective measures is related to the reduction of the use of chemical products, aiming at preserving the environment and avoiding the resistance of the pests to these products. Moreover, if these measures are applied, the variables that favor the invasion, installation and proliferation of the pests will be eliminated. As a complement, mechanical barriers and traps are also used to control some pests (eg, ultraviolet lamps with glue boards and screens to control flying insects).

Beyond all the care when defining the insecticides and rodenticides that will be used, the way of applying the chemicals in these environments, which must be extremely cautious, can not be neglected. Hospitals, for example, work uninterruptedly throughout the year. A number of patients suffer from respiratory problems and may be highly sensitive to chemicals, so that any method that causes vapors is not recommended. The same can be said in the Pharmaceutical Industries, which can not expose their products (or raw materials) to the contamination by insecticides.

The Integrated Pest Management program strategy encompasses several levels of actions that depend on the location and the sanitary conditions, whether or not there are techniques recommended by good manufacturing practices. This program aims at raising awareness and educating people about the behavior of pests, especially cockroaches and rats, and calls for collaboration with attitudes that may prevent their presence. It is also very important that all cases where pests are observed in facilities are reported and recorded. Care should also be taken to avoid damage or destruction of installed monitoring or control traps, since every procedure is based on the data Obtained from the inspections, monitoring and information of the employees of the institutions.

It is important to emphasize that pest control in hospitals, health homes, pharmaceutical industries, among others, is not a simple task of buying services, but rather a meticulous and careful procedure in which price is only one variable and not Is the most important! Very important is to be able to solve the problem and in this matter you will not find a better company and more effective than Truly Nolen!

Pest control is urgent!
Truly Nolen can help you!

Contact us today on 217 585 090.
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