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Seasonal Protection
Truly Nolen and his research and development team have created a proactive program to address changes in season-to-season pest behavior. Do not always use the same products or equipment. Instead, this program uses a selection of high quality, environmentally conscious materials that minimize insect resistance over time.


Spring is the time when insects strive to increase their populations, so Truly Nolen is focused on the application of means that reduce the chances of reproduction. The treatment focuses on the exterior of the structure where the insects live and reproduce, and on the entrances to the habitable zone of the structure. The technician takes a proactive stance against the invasion of insects using a product that eliminates the colony and establishes a residual effect that prevents further invasion.

  • Apply the treatment at the points of entry from the outside, including the access points to the loft;
  • Treating critical points from outside, such as vegetation and possible sources of food;
  • Apply the granulated bait to suppress the reproduction of the ant.


Insect populations voraciously increase food intake during the summer. Why do we see them more in the summer? Because insects can move faster at this time, and therefore are less likely to be captured by their predators. It is the right time to treat the garden areas, which are the shelter and place where the insects live. Truly Nolen uses quick-action products during the summer.

  • Treat external entry points and other critical points;
  • Sprinkle exterior paved surfaces, including sidewalks;
  • Spread the granules on grass, straw, stones, decorative peel and related areas;
  • Apply granulated baits to minimize insect reproduction.


In the fall, young insects are ripening and all pests are building their reserves for winter and looking for shelter. As they get slower they become more vulnerable to predators. Your home is therefore a desirable refuge. To repel insects, the technician establishes a barrier around the house by applying materials at the entrances to the structure and caulk entry points of small insects, such as those found around windows.

  • Apply the treatment at the external points of entry into the structure;
  • Treating the most critical points, outside and potential vegetation and food sources;
  • Caulk cracks or cracks where insects may enter winter;
  • Spread the granules on grass, straw, stones, decorative peel and related areas;
  • Place bait stations for rodent monitoring (if necessary).


During the winter, insects hide their food reserves so they can increase their chances of survival until spring. As your home is the ideal refuge, the technician will focus on the eradication of insects that take refuge at home. Truly Nolen sets out a long-term approach, using natural products to protect the interior of your home from the invasion of insects throughout the year.

  • Apply product inside cracks and crevices, including skirting boards, ceilings and false walls;
  • Apply the product in the attic or other areas without people movement;
  • Put bait for ants and cockroaches underneath kitchen sinks and bathroom sink;
  • Placing insect monitoring stations in critical areas;
  • Apply product on the outside around doors, windows and eaves.
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