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Silver fish
Silver Fish
silver fish are teardrop-shaped, oval-shaped, flattened elongated insects. They have three long-tail projections at the end of the abdomen, and two long antennas. Measure between 1.2 cm and 2 cm and pass from egg to adult without visible changes in appearance. Its color can be white, grayish-brown, bluish or silver. They have a metallic glow, because their bodies are covered with fine scales. They are nocturnal and move very quickly.

An infestation of silver fish may go unnoticed for long periods of time, allowing for exponential growth.

An infestation requires the treatment of adult silverfish and their eggs. These insects reproduce very quickly. Depending on the species, a single female can produce anywhere from one to three eggs per day. Each individual can live two years, so it is extremely important to eliminate them altogether, quickly.

In order to better control them, it is recommended to seek professional treatment as soon as possible. We guarantee a good quality service with a personalized approach.

One of the best ways to prevent an infestation is to control moisture. In open spaces and at lofts, use plinths with caulking. In areas where books are stored, reduce humidity using air conditioners, fans, or dehumidifiers. Repairing any leaking pipes eliminates the source of water needed for these insects.

The silver fish prefers to live in humid places because it needs high levels of moisture to survive - usually between 75% and 95%. If you have an infiltrated roof or a damp place in your house, the food source is installed. Low levels of humidity can actually slow or stop births.

Good sanitation and rigorous cleaning practices can help prevent an infestation by limiting potential feeding sites. However, they can not be used as the only means to eliminate infestations.

Cleaned cupboards regularly help remove areas of refuge, as well as remove old books, magazines and newspapers. Make sure you inspect possible damages or infestation on any item taken to your home, especially fabrics that have been stored for long periods. Books and tissues should be stored in sealed plastic containers. Often valuable books and papers have infestations. In these cases, you should place them in a sealed plastic bag inside the freezer for several days to kill the silver fish.

Most home remedies prove to be ineffective over time, with brief periods of relief, followed by another infestation. Some owners are known to use cinnamon to repel silverfish from certain areas, but this method does not kill the insects or their eggs. There are a variety of pitfalls and insecticides sold in stores targeting individual insects and can not treat a whole infestation.

Although frightening in appearance, they are occasionally confused with poisonous centipedes, silver minnows are not known to bite humans and carry no diseases. In most cases, a silverfish flees to keep itself safe when it is disturbed. This insect is fairly fast over short distances and is capable of hiding in crevices and cracks that humans can not access.

Silver fish are harmless to the human body. They are considered a plague of the families, due to the consumption and destruction of property, causing damages in the clothes, books, papers, food in pantries and wallpaper.

They leave small holes in the bite and can cause a yellow coloring in the materials. They may be responsible for the contamination of food and other types of damage, although they do not transmit disease.

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