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mosquitos are Diptera insects belonging to the Culicidae family. They are commonly known as "melgas" and can be found everywhere, especially in hot or temperate countries. Water is an essential factor for its development, and can develop in any part of water, whether it is brackish, sweet, clean or polluted. They also grow in holes, in trees, in plants, or in any utensils capable of accumulating water.

Nowadays, there are more than 3,000 species of mosquitos, described in intense studies and research that aim to better understand their biology and find the best means to combat them.

Discomfort and discomfort are not the only drawbacks caused by the presence and activities of mosquitoes, both outside and inside homes. There is a much more serious problem. Mosquitos have the role of vectors transmitting countless diseases: filariasis, malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, leishmaniasis and encephalitis.

The proliferation capacity and ease of dispersal of mosquitoes are essential and essential characteristics for the occurrence of epidemics of mosquitoes. Therefore, to contain or avoid this situation one must invest in basic research and research and implement specific programs to combat and eradicate the transmitting species.

Anolfelinos - transmitters of human malaria.
Culicans - largest subfamily, with 34 genera and about 3,000 species.
Among these genera we find Aedes and Culex.

Of the genus Aedes, the species aegypti, albopictus and scapularis are responsible for the transmission of dengue fever, urban yellow fever, encephalitis and Japanese encephalitis.

Aedes aegypti is considered the classic vector of dengue and urban yellow fever due to its high endophilia, antrophilia and susceptibility to the yellow fever virus.

Among the Culex species, quinquefasciatus is the most important species in the urban environment. It is commonly known as the 'tropical domestic mosquito' and occurs in abundance in human settlements. It is the main transmitter of bancroftian filariasis (elephantiasis) and encephalitis virus.

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