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Whenever you think of pests, it is inevitable to remember the mice, the rats and the cockroaches. Flies are also a common and very inconvenient pest. And the bug has returned in strength in recent years.

The plagues migrate from the streets, garbage and waste to the interior of the bathrooms and kitchens. Benches, utensils and food are contaminated. Many bacteria are transmitted by these pests.

Fruit flies can also contaminate food and degrade them in a short time.

Cockroaches proliferate rapidly and spread throughout the establishment. They take their eggs with them and can reproduce themselves far from their "colony." As a result, a new colony emerges, far from the original.

They like, for example, to live in engines of equipment. They are hot and humid places, ideal for their reproduction and colonization. The easiest solution, buy grocery products, is totally advised against!

The bed bugs that can cause so much damage are appearing in force especially in hotels, regardless of category, and move with the speed of an airplane. They are either in New York or Singapore as they arrive in Lisbon a few hours later, hidden in suitcases and golf bags. This kind of plague can be disastrous to the business and alienate your client.

NWe are proud to be the only pest control company in Portugal at present, which can eliminate this insect without destroying mattresses or causing other damage to the premises where they are housed.

Prevent yourself and call us today for a free inspection!

When a plague arises, the first question to be asked is: where did it come from?

The solution is to prevent access to pests, shelters, water sources and food. Nets on windows, door and window cracks, covers in the drains, constant cleaning and waste disposal are some of the measures to be taken.

Pest control is urgent!
Truly Nolen can help you!

Contact us today on 217 585 090.

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