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Public Administration and Municipalities
Public Administration and Municipalities
Truly Nolen is a company highly specialized in pest control and is able to properly serve the City Councils and other public organizations. We guarantee a high quality service at competitive prices and without ever neglecting the well-being of the employees.

In addition to the most common pests such as rats, cockroaches, insects, we are also experts in controlling and preventing birds that often create problems in monuments and public places.

Some examples:
  • Accumulation of feces and dirt in the eaves and tops of buildings;
  • Clogging of gutters and drainage pipes of rainwater, with feathers and excrement;
  • Night noise, when lodged under roofs and pectorals of windows;
  • Damage and spinning.

We have the solution to the problem!

Anti Bird Systems - It is a system of rods, which after installed in the eaves of the roofs, windows, monuments, prevent the birds fallow and the nest building.

At the time of hiring, you must consider not only the price but also the technical and administrative capacity of the company providing the service, so that you get a high quality service that meets all your needs, requirements and solve the problem.

We specialize in the preservation of museum artworks, and protection against insects.

Pest control is urgent!
Truly Nolen can help you!

Contact us today on 217 585 090.
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