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Infection Prevention Guide
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Disinfection is a process that aims to eliminate microorganisms that can cause infectious diseases, such as the Coronavirus.
DISINFECTION is a service with HIGH POWER AGAINST VIRUSES , bacteria and fungi.
Applied to furniture, door handles, floors, ceilings and walls and is ideal for condominiums, homes, industries, companies, gyms, supermarkets, government offices, hospitals and clinics.
All closed places of collective access, public or private, air-conditioned or not, must, at this particular moment, perform the disinfection service.
An efficient solution to reduce the incidence of microorganisms that put our health at risk.
Because it is a virus, the results of the DISINFECTION service are not visible to the naked eye, and may cause a false sense of security and reduce the population's surveillance.
Disinfection is essential, either in the traditional way, with cloths and cleaning products with germicidal action or, with a disinfection made by a specialist team, being the fundamental surveillance so that we can face this epidemic.
Follow the recommendations of the health organizations and if you can stay at home.

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