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Integrated Pest Management

Truly Nolen has more than 70 years of experience in all market segments.

The combination of experience and extensive research and development results in the best protocols, prepared to solve any problems with pests. The continuous training of our technicians ensures the correct execution of the protocols, which makes the first choice in pest control services.

We specialize in pest control and management!

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the methodology used by Truly Nolen, through maximum technical competence, to determine the most appropriate type of treatment to keep pests under control. For this, we adopt mechanical, sanitary, chemical and biological procedures, together with educational programs.

Three-Zone Protocol

Truly Nolen divides the zones to be controlled in green, yellow and red, having specific procedures for each of them.

Red Zone
It is the inner zone of the buildings to be controlled, being therefore the most sensitive area. In this place the application of chemicals is avoided to the maximum.

Yellow Zone
It's the perimeter, the last physical barrier to pest entry prevention. In this place it is allowed and it is recommended the use of physical barriers, applying the smallest possible amount of chemicals.

Green zone
It is the outer area where we find most of the pests. At this location, It is recommended to use specific formulas associated with changes in environmental management.


It is a five-step program to run in each of the three zones: red, yellow and green.

1. Inspection

The environment is carefully analyzed with a view to finding possible shelters, sanitary problems, access points and outbreaks of infestation.

2. Identification

The pests to be controlled are identified by the Truly Nolen technical team through pest, traces and type of damage found.

3. Determination

The most appropriate control measures for each situation are determined.

4. Control / Prevention

Our control programs are implemented, and measures are taken to prevent the risks of future infestations and to control the pests that have been identified.

5. Communication

It is the most important part of our service. The client is informed about what has been identified and determined, how it will be controlled / prevented, what possible environmental adjustments are necessary, and what can be expected as a result of our actions.

With Truly Nolen success for problem solving is guaranteed!

Contact us today to get a Pest Control Plan!
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