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Wood bug
Wood bug
Wood bug, woodworm or weevil is the common name for insects that mainly pierce wood, grain and stored beans, reducing them to dust. Most woodworms feed on wood.

The wood bug that is found in furniture begins its life inside an egg, which is placed on the surface of the wood. These surfaces have cracks and the egg deposits in the cracks until hatching. And there they remain, causing damage.

At this stage, the larva moves close to the surface and builds a chamber that turns into chrysalis. Between May and August, adults emerge from their pupal coat and chew their way, leaving behind a trail of "woodworm holes." As they cut their way to the outside, they do not feed! When they emerge, they mate and lay eggs, often inside the old emergency holes, in the chambers and in the tunnels, that is, well below the surface of the wood. In fact, either the mating or the laying of the eggs can still take place within the emergency holes themselves.

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