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In the animal kingdom, cockroaches are the most numerous insects. These are true pests, which cause incalculable damage both in public and economic health. Deteriorate the image of a commercial establishment or business. A cheap breeder can give rise to about 2 million other cockroaches within a year. They produce secretions and odors from various parts of the body that can affect the taste of foods and transmit diseases such as gastroenteritis and digestive diseases (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dysentery, among others).

Truly Nolen is the owner of the most advanced system for total control of cockroaches, using a unique system of guaranteed effectiveness.

The dominant species in the urban environment are Periplaneta americana, known as cheap sewage and Blattella germanica, known as German cockroach..

The life cycle of cockroaches is simple metamorphosis: egg, nymph, adult. Adult nymphs and cockroaches are similar, differing only in size and addition of wings. They are born white, but in a few hours assume the typical coloration. Because they are gregarious they live in the same coats. They have night time activities.
Types of Cockroaches

There are about different species of cockroaches. They invade every kind of place and are considered pests. Below are the most common species.
American cockroaches Australian Cockroaches Cuban Cockroaches
Australian Cockroaches Cuban Cockroaches
Wood cockroaches German cockroaches Oriental cockroaches
Wood cockroaches
Browns cockroaches    

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